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on obtaining / renewing your Virginia Notary Seal! What’s that - You're not excited? Let's see if we can change your mind.....



July 20, 2024

Ms. Juanita serves as my mentor and is sometimes referred to as the Queen of eNotary. She has a savvy way of mentoring new notaries and loan signing agents with eNotary transactions. Ms. Juanita knows the laws when it comes to being a notary. She is genuine and has a can-do attitude with everyone she comes in contact with. Ms. Juanita is a gem in this industry and doesn’t mind helping you to reach your potential. Thank you, Ms. Juanita, for always being there for me.

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Shawan K Davis

Owner, Wolf Signing Services

March 23, 2022

I have been a full-time Mobile Notary and Signing Agent since 2017. In March 2020, I decided to add e-Notary services to my business offerings. After an unsuccessful attempt in having my eNotary application accepted by the Virginia SOC Notary Division, I realized that I needed to find a Commonwealth of Virginia e-Notary Public professional to assist me. I am so fortunate to have found the perfect fit in Juanita Little-Lyons and Notaries-At-Large. Juanita walked me through the technology piece of the process I was missing and provided technology and eNotary education along the way. Her professionalism, patience and perseverance resulted in obtaining my Virginia eNotary Commission in a relatively quick time. Thanks for helping me grow my knowledge base and business Juanita!

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Sharon Wolf
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Congratulations on obtaining or renewing your Virginia Notary Seal!

Are you like most of us and need to find another source of income?

Are the constraints of going to a job site and clocking in difficult (if not completely impossible!) to manage with your current obligations?

Would things be SO MUCH easier if you could do it all from home on your computer?

While most notaries will only ever use their Notary seal for documents within an office setting, you do have the opportunity to do much more with it:

1.Your Notary seal can assist you in earning a second income, an e-commission allows you to do it all remotely from the comfort of your own home at your computer.

2.With appropriate training – you could easily bring in an extra $2K a month if that is your goal. The SoC allows you to charge $25 per notarization with your e-commission.

3.It doesn’t require a huge investment of cash upfront – just your willingness to learn the rules and abide by them.



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